About Blue Ridge Beeswax

Blue Ridge Beeswax began out of an fondness for the simple elegance of beeswax candles. Our first candles were made by dipping wicks in a mason jar of wax for Christmas gifts. Since our small beginning in 2019, we have worked to create beautiful, well-burning candles made from 100% beeswax. We use as much wax from local Virginia apiaries as possible, and when necessary, and blend with wax from other U.S. apiaries.

Where Does Beeswax Come From?

The honeybee creates beeswax to build the honeycomb of its hive. When the wax is first spun out of her abdomen, it is pure white. As honey is stored in each hexagonal cell of the honeycomb, the wax takes on the color of that particular pollen (orange blossom, clover, wildflower, dandelion etc.). This is why beeswax can have different shades from one region or hive to the next.

When a cell of the honeycomb is filled with honey at the right moisture content, the bee seals it off with wax. To periodically extract honey from the hive, beekeepers have a few different methods of removing or disrupting this cap in order to access the honey. These cappings are then heated and filtered to make a clean block of wax.